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Conscious Living Global is a space for all the beauty and individuality this world has to offer to come together to play. The ultimate aim of CLG is to restore humanity to its JOYFUL core, through a Worldwide Movement, so all those hindrances such as stress, illness and dis-ease become a thing of the past as each person shows up purposefully to fulfil their heart's truest and purest desires.


Welcome to the first edition of the Conscious Living Journal

This has long been part of a bigger vision of my purpose and it is finally grounded and present in this earth space.

I wish this Journal to be a space for ALL voices to be heard as life itself is a spiritual experience and true spirituality is life rather than a practice ... whether there be suffering or unabashed JOY it is part of the conscious experience knowingly or unknowingly. The Conscious Living Journal is a space of togetherness and community where all can be seen, heard and assisted to their chosen space of beingness and JOY ...

I invite ALL to contribute their conscious awareness at whatever level as we grow and expand to create a New Earth for us ALL that is as each of us choose to visualise it and create it.

We are creator beings and what we believe in grounds whatever that belief may be

This is a space of sharing and community and I look forward to connecting with you all personally on the deepest level as we expand ... and create partnerships through various levels through it which you will see..

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Online Event taking place from Midnight April 11th/12th UK

A 42 hour Event bringing worldwide wisdom together to assist the transformation from crisis to thriving in your world ...

YOU can THRIVE from any position ...

The world is in a position it has never been in before ... so it would stand to reason so are you ...

Are you being bogged down with the current world rhetoric to a point where you have forgotten who you truly are and that you do not need in any way to be controlled by other people’s design ...

Conscious Living Global through myself Shona Ann Hill, my Enterprise Partner Mark Burn and 38 other beautiful speakers are coming to share wisdom, tools of transformation and invitations of connection to help YOU THRIVE wherever you feel blocked or held back in your world ...

Leave stress behind and follow your heart's desires with purpose and you can do your own part in restoring the world to health ...

To connect with the Event and gain access 48 hours free or 6 month access to tools and wisdom here:

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you to move forward in your life and world!!!

Be Kind, Create Change, Ground Dreams
Conscious Living Global Ltd


“I have known Shona now for over 4 years. She’s been a very good friend to me and an amazing coach. Full of insights and wisdom that has helped me to understand issues in my life and with her sessions get to the bottom of these so I could release them and move on with my journey. She has always provided me with a solution and a deeper understanding of what I go through and how to deal with them effectively. I’m in deep gratitude for all her presence in my life and her guidance. Thank you thank you thank you” 😊

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a firewalking event held by Mark and Shona of Conscious Living Global.

When the time was right for me to do the fire walk I felt ready, calm and collected.   I felt such a bonding and connection with Mark and Shona that the fire walk seemed like the most natural thing to do.   I am so glad that I did it.

Thanks to Mark and Shona for inviting me to an amazing event!

Grace Dalley : CEO - GED & Co. Ltd

I have worked with Shona as my coach for some months now and I’m extremely grateful for her insights and healing she bestowed upon me. I feel whole and fearless just the way God created me.
Thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏 thank you

Hanna Hashim

Shona Ann Hill