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Conscious Living Global are proud to be associated with simply … “the very best Water in the World“*, as a Registered International Distributor for Enagic# – the Japanese World leading Company.

Kangen Water (KW) is alkaline water produced by Enagic’s world leading alkaline ioniser and water filtration machines.

The water from the machines can transform your ordinary tap-water into purer, healthy and fresh tasting alkaline drinking water.

KW ….

…… does not have removed during the process many minerals that are lost in the process of ‘purifying‘ ordinary bottled water

…… has a negative oxidation reduction potential or ORP

…… will aid your bod, being alkaline in returning to a balanced state.. the water is fresh, clean and an easy way to promote working towards better health.

KW is …..

Hydrogen Rich - so an antioxidant, diffusing rapidly in the Body – across cell membranes helping to suppress oxidative stress.

Anti-Oxidating - helping reduce free radicals produced by oxidation which causes stress …. a daily supply of external anti-oxidants, available through the water, are essential to assist reducing these stresses related damage.

Alkaline – and thereby an essential for ‘balance‘ in our bodies… to help maintain our natural Ph7.365 level …. Slightly Alkaline.

Potentially Oxidant Reducing (Negative ORP) : being characterised with a Low ORP any food or liquid has a much higher anti-oxidising potential and is far more preferable for drinking.

*Shona Ann Hill – Founder of Conscious Living Global
# Enagic



Mark Burn

“Speak as You find“  …. They say …


Why Kangen Water?

Simply that within a few weeks of beginning to drink it and shower in it became clear that the ‘Power‘ of the Water is significantly ‘Life Enhancing‘ with immediate personal health benefits …

Drinking: within just a couple of weeks of the arrival of the K8 and the Kangen pH9.5 there were clearly major digestive, dietary and health improvements.

Over a 35 year period I had suffered from major acidic issues – the latest endoscopy in 2016 revealing oesophagitis, duodenitis and gastritis symptoms for which regular daily medication was necessary.

Drinking the Kangen pH9.5 on a daily basis has virtually eliminated all the issues and thereby the ability to forgo the medication.

In addition my levels of Hydration are clearly considerably higher with huge benefits for my weight control as well as to my skin condition, hair growth and nail quality – all signs of an improving, healthy Body.

Showering: Similarly, within a few weeks the Kangen pH7 Shower water produced by the Anespa (as integrated into the Home Water system) significantly enhanced the quality of my Hair and Skin – the former having being confirmed for me by an Internationally recognised leading Trichologist.

In particular due to a serious DVT over 10 years ago I sustained considerable Hair loss around the area of the calf muscle on the leg concerned and within a month that began to re-grow until over a few months it had returned to the pre- DVT level of growth.

I just cannot believe the number of clear major Health and Body benefits from Drinking and Showering in Kangen Water.