FIRE-WALKING... is one of the

Fire-walking has been practised now for many Centuries many different Cultures  - the Power of today’s Fire-walk stretches back before recorded History with the Tribal beginnings of this quite astonishing Ritual.
Today, Shona Ann Hill, Visionary & Co-Founder of CLG - a Sundoor trained International Fire-Walk Instructor will guide you through the Ancient Ceremonial techniques ‘ sculpted ‘ for the Modern World by the Sundoor Founder and Tutor - Peggy Dylan.
These will enable you to connect to a Time when people permitted themselves to be Lifted and Healed by Energetic Rituals - joining an Ancient tradition of Ancestral Wisdom by allowing themselves to ‘ tap into ‘ an Energy Source beyond the regular Human experience.
It allows the Participants to wonder and marvel at, as well as learn about their latent Human possibilities ......


I recently had the opportunity to take part in a firewalking event held by Mark and Shona of Conscious Living Global.

Firewalking was definitely on my 'to-do' list and I was pleasantly surprised when Mark mentioned that an event would be taking place in York, not far from me, on Halloween.  To be honest I didn't have many preconceived ideas about what was involved in fire walking...I just wanted to do it!  I was pleased that Shona had structured a great event, outlining the history of fire walking and the various countries and tribes that practice this phenomenal ritual.  Shona ensured that I was fully grounded and spent time helping me to focus on my intention before doing the walk so that I would get the most out of it.  I felt that I was safe, well looked after and that Shona and Mark had my best interests in mind.  It was lovely to see the fire being  lit and the care taken to maintain the fire and the coals so that they would be ready to be walked upon.  I was invited to participate in an unexpected exercise with an arrow which I found surprising and truly amazing, and this marked the prequel to my walk.

When the time was right for me to do the fire walk I felt ready, calm and collected.   I felt such a bonding and connection with Mark and Shona that the fire walk seemed like the most natural thing to do.   I am so glad that I did it.

Thanks to Mark and Shona for inviting me to an amazing event!

Grace Dalley : CEO - GED & Co. Ltd