CLG are absolutely delighted to be associated with many Individuals and Enterprises around the Globe ... these have resulted in a number of close relationships with Conscious Partners.

The Partners are all recommended by CLG, not only as to their considerable level of expertise in their chosen ‘Field‘ but also as to their level of Consciousness in delivering their Services or Goods.

All CLG Partners can be contacted direct through the Website details that follow for an initial entirely ’Complimentary‘ discussion as to your needs and whilst there are 3 Partner Levels ... beginning with Indigo, then Magenta and the highest Cobalt ... these Levels purely reflect a choice by the Partner to take advantage of their interaction with CLG to a higher status ...

If you are also interested in discussing the potential Partnership options with CLG then please e-mail your enquiry to

Conscious Living Global Partner Co-Ordinator: Mark Burn


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