Be Yourself With Confidence: “Walk-In” Joyful Freedom Method To Transform Painful Experience Into Positive Experience


by Shona Ann Hill


BE Yourself with Confidence
A simple “Walk-In” Joyful Freedom method that transforms painful experience into positive experience

The primary purpose of this book, is to give people confidence in the complete truth of who they are. Many people are under the illusion that they are a human with a soul. The truth of the matter is they are a soul having human experience. This gives a whole different perspective on life as a whole. Experiences that we have can be painful, and seem to have a hold over us. The truth is everything that happens to us is a choice, and so is how we respond to it. This book helps people understand the illusion that our human experiences are. It also explains, how they have no hold over us, and in fact don’t even belong to us beyond the moment they appear to exist. It is all about how we choose to respond to the situations that are provided to us in our lives. It is the choice between the soul’s voice that is found in the heart, over the physical ego that is found in the brain.

In keeping attachment to our painful experiences, we give them hold over us, and they restrict us in our movement forward. The simple “Walk-In” JOYFUL FREEDOM method, simply turns pain into love, and will give each person that engages it endless confidence to shine your truth, without a care of others opinions.

Having been through Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Bullying and various other forms of trauma, through following the tools of this simple system, I have overcome the apparent “negative” effects of these experiences, and transformed my life into what it is today. Through my example I exist to guide others through the tools that I have used to help me, to make the shift into their loving shining, and ultimately live the life of their dreams in complete confidence.

In choosing to let go of our pain, it immediately begins to fall away and the JOY of our heart comes forward to take its place. It’s all about learning to LOVE the self-first. It is about learning how to honour the self over seeking the approval of others, and doing what others think we should do to fit in. One can only “fit in” for so long before the spiral of the vortex begins going downwards on the road of depression and ailments in the body. Life is an adventure, it is about taking responsibility for our choices, and transforming all that happens to us into positive experience. It is about living our truth from the heart, and making our dreams happen. True confidence comes from being honest with ourselves and acting in accordance with our heartfelt responses.

Each of us is completely unique, and have our own unique gifts to share with the world. We are not here to please others, sometimes to the point we forget who we truly are. This book is a guide, and provides a simple “Walk-In” JOYFUL FREEDOM method on how to let go, take charge, and bring true happiness in JOYFUL FREEDOM and Confidence into your life, ultimately assisting you in the choice to live your dreams over seeking approval from others. Each and every one of us is a truly
pure and loving soul, with magnificent gifts to share with the world. Your gifts are yours and yours alone, and you are here to share them with all of humanity, no matter what they are. In this truth comes the wisdom that there is no competition, and therefore no need to concern ourselves with other people’s opinions. This book provides the tools to take you to the confident being of love that you are, so that you can shine your truth unwaveringly, in the wisdom that there can be no wrong. I shine in JOY at the thought that I can assist you through the words written here, to begin to find your own heartfelt JOY and “Shine” in complete confidence of heart, love and soul.

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