The Answer To All You Desire Is Within You… You Are Worthy

Webinar: Wednesday May 18th 2016 8pm GMT

In this webinar I will discuss and connect you with the true sovereignty of you HU(heart)man BEing … You are deserving and are worthy of the true completeness of you and understanding of self
It will include messages and healing to assist your journey to you
For more information please email
All people that wish to attend the webinar are required to register before the required date in order to receive the code of access to the Webinar on the day. To Register go to:
Once registered, you should receive an access code an hour before the webinar containing a link of access. In case the email is not received the access link is…:
I will also be hosting a healing clinic once the webinar is over for those that wish to stay and attend it. There will be no charge, but if you wish to donate for the healing you receive you can at my PayPal account: … ALL given will be gratefully received
I look forward to seeing you there
Many Blessings to YOU ❤️❤️❤️👼👼👼

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